welcome to massdrop

the SEI creator fund kickoff has ended!

thank you to everyone who contributed to the massdrop fund. I really appreciate your support and am excited to continue builing.

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— thanks and from @decoderdev

this platform allows you to:

— mass transfer nfts between wallets

— mint public lighthouse nft collections

— mass list nfts on pallet

— mass delist nfts on pallet

— mass collection bid on pallet

— monitor live mints occuring on the sei network

— live snapshot holders with listed and delisted owner counts

— view your nfts and total profile value across multiple wallets

— airdrop nfts to multiple wallets

— mass burn nfts

— disperse sei across multiple wallets

massdrop is not free to run. if you find these tools useful or regularly use the platform, please consider donating at:


made with by @decoderdev

donations welcome: sei1pg3wnvdn483cyyuspa6pu0ekxc7zl8cw5y0m2d